About Us
K K Asia Pte Ltd (K K Asia) is incorporated as a private limited company on and from 27 May 1998.  Our core business is recycling plastic, with factories located in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China.  We source plastic materials globally and make the logistics arrangements to deliver the materials to our various factories for recycling.
K K Asia is the first and only ISO 9001: 2000 certified plastic recycling company in Singapore, licensed under National Environment Agency (NEA) for toxic waste (which includes PVC) collection and recycling.   We recycle about 36,000 metric tons of plastic annually.  Since our establishment, we have been working closely with many local and international manufacturers from various kinds of industries such as hard disk drive (HDD), mobile phone, plastic bag, plastic tray, etc.   Hitachi and Motorola are one of those companies whom we are working with to help them in their plastic recycling programme.   We also partner with many major disposal companies, for instance, V8 and Tian Lye, to recycle their usable plastic waste.  


K K Asia will provide a plastic recycling programme for Companies to resolve the daily disposal of recyclable plastic waste issues through an ISO certified collection and production process.  We believe that a long-term relationship between the companies is mutually beneficial and making alternative revenues for its client through K K Asia’s plastic recycling programme.

  • Assist Companies to properly dispose industrial plastic waste in an environmental-friendly way.
  • Minimise Companies operational cost to dispose plastic waste.
  • Develop an alternative revenue-making option for companies through sales of industrial plastic waste,
    while minimising the cost of the plastic waste.

Benefits to Companies
  • Operational cost savings from disposing plastic waste as K K Asia provides the labour and operational system to dispose the waste.
  • Minimise space cost for waste accumulation at premises as the plastic waste are collected daily. 
  • Make alternative revenues through selling industrial plastic waste to  K K Asia.
  • Establish a good corporate public image as plastic waste from Companies is properly disposed
    and recycled.

Keys to success include:
  • A dynamic, closely knitted recycling partnership programme between Companies and K K Asia.
  • Companies appoint K K Asia as the exclusive plastic recycling company for its plastic recycling programme.  This will maximise operational efficiency and minimise operational cost for Companies.
  • K K Asia has the experienced workforce and a fully established operation to run a professional plastic recycling programme.  We are the only recycling company in Singapore that can totally recycle all kinds
    of plastic materials.
  • K K Asia is the first and only plastic recycling company in Singapore with ISO certification.
  • K K Asia is licensed under National Environment Agency (NEA) for toxic waste collection and recycling,
    which includes PVC waste.
  • K K Asia is a financially stable company with great potential growth.  We are working towards IPO in
    a year’s time.