Product & Services
K K Asia will collect all kinds of industrial and consumer plastic materials,
PET, POM, CP, PE, MBS AND MANY OTHERS.  K K Asia will provide all the
logistics and manpower support to collect the waste at the convenience their client.

K K Asia usually make daily collections of the plastic waste and bring them back to
factory for recycling.  

The collected plastic wastes are then processed into many different semi-finished
products and raw materials at K K Asia factory.  The semi-finished products will be
used in extrusion moulding machines as well as manufactured into reprocessed
pellets.  These products will be capable for use in *extrusion moulding machine1
to manufacture into other products such as *filament yarn2, and *low-grade
beverage bottles3

*1. Extrusion Moulding Machine
The purpose of extrusion is to transform thermoplastic resins, usually in pellet form, into a new form
through a combination of heat and pressure. The new forms will depends on the design of the die,
which is usually strands in this case.

The extruder, consisting of a heated barrel with an internal rotating screw, pumps the melted resin into
the die. The strand exits the die in a semi-viscous state and travels through a series of rolls to cool.

2. Filament Yarn
Filament Yarn is widely used in the production of pillow stuffing and textile for clothes.

3. Low-Grade Beverage Bottles
During the life cycle of a PET bottle, material characteristics change due to thermal influences,
resulting in a reduction of viscosity (from IV 0,82 to IV < 0,76 dl/g), which in turn leads to a
deterioration of the stability and pressure-resistance of the bottle.